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4 minsWhat does Specific Gravity tell us?The specific gravity of an object can tell us based on its value if the object will sink or float in our reference substance.What is the difference between specific gravity and specific weight?Specific weight is the ratio of the weight of an object to the objects volume. In the case of specific gravity, it is the ratio of an objects den specific gravityWhich metal has the highest specific gravity?Lead has the highest specific gravity.Which metal has the lowest specific gravity?Lithium has the lowest specific gravity.Which instrument measures the specific gravity of liquids?A hydrometer is used to measure the specific gravity of liquids.What is a urine specific gravity test?Urine specific gravity test compares the density of urine with the density of water. The test gives information about how well the kidneys concentr specific gravityWhat is specific gravity in a gemstone?The specific gravity in a gemstone is the ratio of the density of the gemstone to the density of water.specific gravityNOUNspecific gravity (noun) specific gravities (plural noun) the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard, usually water for a liquid or solid, and air for a gas.Specific Gravity - Definition of Specific Gravity

For fluids, the reference substance is usually the water, with a density of 1.00 x 103 kg/m3at 4 degrees Celsius (water's densest temperature), used to determine whether or not the fluid will sink or float in water. In homework, this is usually assumed to be the reference substance when working with liquids.Specific Gravity For GasesEquations For Specific GravityApplications of Specific GravityThe specific gravity (SG) is a ratio of the density of the substance of interest (i) to the density of the reference substance (r). (Note The Greek symbol rho, , is commonly used to represent density.) That can be determined using the following formula Now, considering that the density is calculated from mass and volume through the equation = m/V, this means that if you took two substances of the same volume, the SG could be rewritten as a ratio of their individual masses And, since the weight W = mg, tSee more on thoughtco 3 minsExplore furtherspecific gravity Formula, Units, & Equation BritannicabritannicaSpecific Gravity - Definition, Calculation, Solved specific gravitybyjusSpecific Gravity Calculator Formula DefinitionomnicalculatorDensity, Specific Weight and Specific GravityengineeringtoolboxWhat is Specific Gravity? - Definition, Formula specific gravitystudyRecommended to you based on what's popular Specific Gravity - Definition, Calculation, Solved specific gravitySpecific Gravity or relative gravity is a dimensionless quantity that is defined as the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of the water at a specified temperature and is expressed as It is common to use the density of water at 4 o C as a reference point as water at

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